3 Vital Benefits of a Functional Movement Screening

3 Vital Benefits of a Functional Movement Screening

Physical activities, such as exercises, jogging, running, and sports are all great ways of staying healthy, but there is always the risk of injury. Statistics show that college athletes get injuries during competitions 63.8 percent of the time, men overall get more injuries, women get more overuse injuries, and 3.5 million children and teens suffer injuries during school sports.

There are many options for treating injuries, but in order to assess your risk of injury to prevent them from happening, you should consider a functional movement screening. To find out more about the benefits of this process, let’s look at what a functional movement screening is, how it helps, and what happens during the screening.

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What is a functional movement screening?

Functional movement screening is the name of a process developed by healthcare professionals to assess the risk of injury, detect dysfunction, or discover issues with your movement patterns that limit physical performance. Using functional movement screening, your physical therapy can assess your movement patterns. These patterns will be used to identify your ability to perform smaller movements within large functional motions that require strength, coordination, mobility, and stabilization to detect weaknesses and imbalances in how you move. Once weaknesses and imbalances have been observed, a series of corrective exercises can help to overcome current issues and prevent possible future injury.

How does it help?

Here’s what using this screening process can do to help:

1. Injury prevention

If you’ve ever been sidelined in a sport or had to pause your regimen to recover from an injury, you can see the value this can provide. Identifying weak points in your movement can keep you in the action longer with far less risk of harm.

2. Improving performance

By working on the weaknesses the functional movement screening detects to improve how you move, you may improve how you are warming up and performing.

3. Usable at any age

Regardless of how young or old you are, if you’re highly active or engaging in sports, this type of screening can be used to help you work smarter, move more effectively, and stay healthy. Outside of sports, it can be used to help reduce injury and improve performance while you work, especially for those working in high intensity occupations such as firefighters and military personnel. 

What happens during the screening?

This process is performed using seven different movement tests:

Injuries are things we end up dealing with at some point in our lives, but functional movements screenings can help reduce them and keep you active longer. Make an appointment with Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation to treat your current movement issues, reduce injuries, and stay healthier longer. 

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