Runner’s Video Analysis


Runner’s Video Analysis


  • Assess Running Dynamics
  • Structural Examination of Pelvis, Lower Extremity and Feet
  • Provide Recommendations for Addressing Running Related Injuries
  • Footwear Suggestions


The Runner's Video Analysis is designed to provide the runner with a slow motion assessment of their stride and gait pattern. Combined with a structural assessment, this shows how structure translates into movement. It is an excellent way to identify causes of biomechanical stresses and related injuries that often are not seen in static evaluations.

The analysis begins with the runner completing a gait and running questionnaire. Following, the individual runs on a treadmill and a video evaluation is performed. The video is reviewed in slow motion with the physical therapist. Recommendations are made to address running pattern, related injuries, structural alignment and footwear.


  • $165.00 for this detailed evaluation with a licensed physical therapist. Special scheduling required.
  • Payment is expected at the end of the session. STAR will provide a receipt with rehabilitation coding and documentation of the services rendered for your records.
  • With a physician referral, most insurance companies will reimburse a portion.
  • Possible Health Spending Accounts reimbursement with medical diagnosis and physician's referral. Consult with your work benefits coordinator for details.

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