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Dr. Harris,
Thank you so much for recommending Kathy Braun for Physical Therapy. By far, she is the best PT I have ever seen - so knowledgeable, educational, hands-on, hard working and has a keen understanding of how to treat specific areas. And her PT staff and desk staff are remarkable. Just wanted to say thanks a million.
Have a great weekend.

- Nancy

STAR Clinic got rid of my back pain and then my neck pain that I had suffered with for 8 months. The detailed evaluation, exercises and mobilizations got right to my problem! Amazing PTs and caring staff! Come here first!

- S. Kernan

Thank you STAR for getting my knees back to running and completing my first marathon!

- LS

Ann has been my physical therapist for a couple of weeks now and her ongoing assessments of my progress have led to a more comprehensive diagnosis of the source of my back pain, and prescriptions to improve my strength. Extremely impressed with her calm, thorough, holistic approach. Could not be happier or recommend her more highly. Luckily my insurance covers treatment but if that were not the case, I would willingly pay out of pocket to continue.

- Happy H.

Kathy Braun has saved my life! I had a pinched nerve in my back that was preventing me from being my physically active self. No one (three therapists and several doctors) could tell me what I could do or not do. For over a year, all I did was walk. Kathy devoted two consultations to diagnose my situation. And she got it right!!! Her exercises, massages, and advice on back pain management have enabled me to get off most of the medicine I was taking and get back to my normal life. I go to the gym now, use the exercise bike and machines, and am not constantly afraid that I will hurt myself. Steroid shots and surgery are very far from my mind, at least for now. The Star Clinic is a very happy place to be. I really look forward to my visits. I am so grateful to Kathy for giving me back my life.

- Judith G.

This is my 4th experience with PT. STAR clinic stands head and shoulders above other clinics in its delivery of care. STAR dedicates a one-on-one, highly skilled team to their patients, with an ongoing, focused assessment of the patient's condition and needs. In my experience, in contrast to STAR, other clinics have sleep-walked through my therapy and, I realize now in retrospect, either had much less training or otherwise were following some rote, by the numbers, regiment that had little to do with what I needed to be done on my specific situation. The physical therapists at STAR are vigorously screened and vetted before being hired by the owner, and I understand that they may also specialize in different areas of injury. For me, I've had chronic lower-back and mid-back pain/soreness and am so grateful for the level of care I've received at STAR.

- Cecilia F.

I went to STAR clinic and saw Holly, who helped me get back to running after 2 months. When I first saw her, I was limping and it was extremely painful to walk after a really bad running injury. The way she treated me, the time she spent with me and going over exercises saved my legs.

After months of finishing my treatment, I encountered another injury, shot her an email and was able to continue seeing her after such short notice. I have been able to stay in touch with her, and I attribute my recent successes in running and triathlons to her for treating me so well and my ability to stay injury-free.

The other staff at STAR are nice, helpful and I love that the hours of appointments are very Holly is an amazing PT and if you are looking for a PT especially with a running-related injury, she is beyond knowledgeable, and after seeing a couple of other PT's, she is by far the best I've ever seen.

- Jackie F.

I arrived a skeptic - with an ailing back - and left a huge fan. These folks are true professionals and they treat trial sports professionals, including many Wizards, Mystics and even Mia Hamm! But best was that they treated me like a professional athlete too. Kathy and Michele tag-teamed me, each bringing insights and focus that was amazing. They literally have not only cured my injury but by giving me a regimen of exercises and stretches, they have changed the way I feel 24/7.

Also, the office staff are terrific - handling the insurance and appointments with real skill and also always being friendly and helpful. It truly does not get better than this.

- Adam W.

I have been going to physical therapy for my left knee. In just two weeks the sessions have dramatically improved the flexibility. Once again I can walk downstairs. My therapist really knows how to work the knee and has already restored former motions and has strengthened the muscles supporting the knee. She provides a wide range of exercises to do. The progress is truly astonishing and I would give Sports Therapy & Rehabilitation at 1112 16th St. NW the highest rating.

- Brent Blackwelder


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