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STAR Sports Therapy And Rehabilitation, Inc. is a privately owned clinic located in the downtown Washington, DC area. Since 1987, STAR has strived to maximize recovery with the most progressive treatment techniques. Our highly skilled physical therapists are proficient in the areas of orthopedics, sports medicine and post-operative rehabilitation.

We take pride in the amount of time and attention we devote to our patients. STAR offers a low volume patient case load with individual appointment sessions. Upon the initial visit, each therapist completes a thorough evaluation and identifies problems areas to address. A plan of care is implemented incorporating manual therapy, progressive exercise and patient education.

Manual therapy is needed to facilitate a quick recovery by addressing joint restrictions and soft tissue irritation. Our physical therapists have advanced training in manual therapy techniques of muscle energy, strain counter strain, positional release, joint mobilization, soft tissue massage and myofascial release. Our exercise training focuses on improving muscle imbalances, stabilization and coordination.

We feel it is imperative for patients to play an active role in their recovery. Extensive patient education is given in regards to symptom management, posture, alignment and body mechanics. In addition, a home exercise program is provided to compliment clinic appointments.

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Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation
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