5 Conditions that Respond Well to Physical Therapy

5 Conditions that Respond Well to Physical Therapy

If you’re feeling bad enough that you can’t take care of the problem at home, you’re likely to take a trip to urgent care or the emergency room (ER), along with millions of other Americans. And of the 130 million people that went to the ER in 2018 alone, over 5 million dealt with superficial injuries, 4.5 million suffered from sprains and strains, and over 4 million struggled with musculoskeletal pain. 

Physical therapy (PT) is a form of complementary treatment for problems like these and many others, which can either work with other treatments recommended by your doctor, or be a way to manage your ailments without other methods. Even if you’ve been to PT at some point, there is likely a lot you don’t know about the plethora of treatments and therapies we offer. Let’s explore what PT has to offer by examining what it is, what conditions it can help you with, and what treatments we have to help.

If you live in the Washington, DC area and you need physical therapy for whatever reason, the team of specialists at Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation can help.

Understanding physical therapy

As a whole, physical therapy is a system of methods and treatments designed to help you recover from injuries and a number of other conditions to improve range of motion, increase mobility, prevent further damage, and provide better quality of life. We work with a range of other healthcare facilities to improve the lives of people of all ages with a range of physical ailments. And since our focus is on using physical activity to accomplish these goals, there is no focus on medication or surgery.

Conditions they can treat

Physical therapy can be used to manage a number of different conditions, including:

1. Arthritis

This inflammation of joints can lead to stiffness, the breaking down of tissue in the joints, and limited mobility, making it harder for you to perform basic things and reduce physical activity. Careful use of specific, increased movement and other techniques can help joints to become less stiff and restore mobility.

2. Osteoporosis

This illness weakens your bones, making them more likely to fracture or break, and frequently happens in the hips, spine, or wrists. We can help you get the exercise you need to strengthen bones and reduce your risks.

3. Sciatica

This inflammation or compression of the sciatic nerve (located in your lower back and extending through your lower limbs) can lead to pain in your lower body. We have ways of decreasing pain and restoring mobility.

4. Headaches

This covers a wide variety of conditions that cause head or face pain that can be acute (short term) or chronic (long term). We have treatment options to help you with headache pain.

5. Injuries

This is what most people associate with physical therapy, getting an injury from physical activity, accidents, or other related events. We have many methods to help with a range of injuries.

Treatments we offer to help

To treat these conditions, we offer many different ways to help:

Physical therapy is an effective way to help with a lot of different conditions you may face, and if you’re suffering, we can help. Make an appointment with the team at Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation today to get relief.

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